Pie of the Month

Don't get caught out during pie week!

National pie week is this month from the 6th – 12th of March. A whole week devoted to pies, as pie lovers, we couldn’t be more excited.

Take this opportunity to invite friends over for a pie tasting night. Our selection boxes are a great choice when it comes to trying out different recipes and each pie can be easily cut into quarters so there is more pie to share. You could even create fun cards to rate which pie you and your friends prefer on a scale of 1-5. 

Thanks to our amazing website designers, it’s now even easier to select and order multiple mouth-watering, puff-pastry pies with our

NEW Pie Self-Selection tool

Each box of 12 pies costs just £50 and postage is free.
❄❄ Remember – you can freeze our pies for up to 6 months! ❄❄

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a lover of good quality beef, chicken, fish, pork or venison, just select your preferred pies and watch your box fill up.