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Simple Simon’s Perfect Pies was established by the great chef and entrepreneur Bernard Alessi… a Maltese “food master” who made his home in Biggar. Bernard created the Simple Simon Perfect Pie brand in 2005.  From then until now we have created 70 different pie fillings, won 15 Great Taste Awards, numerous British Pie Awards and the coveted Great Taste Speciality Producer of the Year!

Since those heady days we have evolved and developed to respond quickly to changing market demands. We now have a range of vegan and vegetarian pies (Superbeets and Roasted Roots, Vegan Haggis, Vegan Vegetable Curry and Cheese and Red Onion) to complement our more traditional Scottish offer (Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Heather Honey Venison, Fresh and Smoked Haddock or probably better named – the “Cullen Skink” Pie)

Simple Simon’s Pies – Lifestyle Photography
Simple Simon’s Pies – Lifestyle Photography
Simple Simon’s Pies – Lifestyle Photography
Simple Simon’s Pies – Lifestyle Photography
Simple Simon’s Pies – Lifestyle Photography

To appeal to the Grab and Go market – we invented our Scottish pasty  or Slice of Pie. We use the same pie fillings and simply wrap them in puff pastry and bake until crispy golden brown. A great picnic alternative to a sandwich as they can be eaten hot or cold. Yum

Conceived from our love of locally sourced seasonal ingredients, we are blessed with an abundance of choice from Scotland’s world class quality larder.

Our focus has always been – a pie for one person, with a wide variety of choices and seasonal offers. People are so busy these days, not everyone has time to make a meal, let alone have time to sit down and enjoy food with others. What we offer is flexibility. You can pick from our range of fillings and freeze pies for up to 6 months. You can get a group together and everyone can have something different. Our pies and slices are cooked for the same time until golden and crispy whatever the filling. Fabulous flexibility! What’s not to love about that!

We supply Waitrose, Dobbies, House of Bruar and a host of delis, farm shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs the length and breadth of the country. We also sell directly to customers online and at farmers markets, food shows & make regular appearances on the Andi Peters Show on QVC. Just call or email and we will make and dispatch your pies within two working days.


No deliveries are made on Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays.

Boxes are packed with ice gel, which retains suitable temperatures for up to 48 hours.

Freeze our pies for up to 6 months!

Orders of £25 or more – post and packaging is free of charge.
Orders below £25 – post and packaging £5.

If you are purchasing as a gift, please add a note when entering the “different shipping address”

Today is all about using food creatively and keeping a focus on our passion for authentic home cooking.

“A perfect pie for every plate”


Good isn’t Good Enough!

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