Our Story

In 2005 Bernard Alessi a chef with international experience dedicated his retirement to making a perfect pie. A bespoke factory in a converted farm byre in Coulter, set in beautiful lowland Scotland, is where the magic happens! Bernard’s first wholesale customer was Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh and now his Perfect Pies are sold all over the UK. Wholefoods, Waitrose, Dobbie’s and all types of food service outlets and Delis stock the great man’s pies.

The widest selection of pies are available through the website and are baked fresh to order and delivered direct by courier. Joined by his daughter Christina in 2008 they worked together to build a unique business offering their customers the chance to confidently enjoy the convenience of a restaurant quality meal in the comfort of their own homes. Simple Simons Perfect Pies are the epitome of convenience without compromise, a complete meal for one – in a pie.

And now, right up to today, we are a small team of 7 dedicated pie makers. We open at 4.45am and cook what’s required for the day, spend time speaking to our customers, meet our suppliers, look at recipe development for the Pie of the Month and prepare for the weekly Farmers Markets. We love what we do because every day is different. We are a flexible adaptable team. Everyone helps everyone else. And above all that – we are happy!

Our Kitchen

Nestled in the pastures of the Scottish Southern Uplands sits our restored 19th century farm building.

Here, in our modern kitchens which are SALSA approved Simple Simon (internationally trained Bernard Alessi) prepares and bakes his extraordinarily tasty, artificial additive-free pies. His secret is indeed simple. Only the finest, freshest, natural ingredients are used. 
Behind Simple Simon’s on the hill graze blackface sheep and Scotch Beef. Not only world-class meats such as these fill our pies, but a variety of naturally reared meatswild game from local estates and fresh fish too!

Our Pledge

We are passionate about our brand and maintaining brand standards and excellence wherever our pies are sold.

We make pies fresh to order and whether you are a wholesale customer of one of our dedicated pie champions your order will be treated with the highest level of care. We are passionate about what we do and proud to offer top quality ingredients in a convenient way for you to enjoy for any occasion.

Our Ingredients

We want to cook food as good as the food you make at home and that’s how we shop for ingredients too.

Normally when people go food shopping, they make their choices based on the price, quality, and ethical and environmental considerations.

Our rule of thumb is: can we look a customer in the eye and tell them we’re happy with where an ingredient has come from and how it has been farmed or produced? 

We make sure we visit all our main suppliers and that all our meat and poultry can be traced right back to the farm. We will only ever use suppliers who are approved to our standards and will always promote local sourcing and good animal husbandry. We’re trying to get better at sourcing all the time. By “better” we mean buying better quality; with better welfare and/or ethical considerations; with a better impact on the environment; at a better price for ourselves and our customers.